Reading wrap-up: October 2018

We’re way up into Christmas trees and presents, but here’s a belated wrap-up from October. The last couple of months I’ve been highly unmotivated and a massive reading slump has hit me. I have been hoping to end the year on a good note with some posts.

Reading wrap-up: October & November 2017


I’ve been gone for a while! Basically because my laptop was dying and it was so slow that I couldn’t normally make blog posts or do anything else anymore, but I have a new laptop now! And I’m so happy that I can do things normally and everything is a lot faster now. Also I’ve been busy with working since september, which kept my motivation a bit low when I would come back from work in the evening. With my new laptop I’m planning to post normally again and write more reviews. I also want to plan some other posts that are not reviews. With December a day away and the new year close, it should be possible to start that. Anyway, let’s start this 2-month wrap-up.