Reading wrap-up: April 2017


April has been a very chaotic month. For some reason I didn’t feel like doing anything for almost the entire month. Maybe it’s the weather that only consists of rain, grey sky and cold winds. I managed to read 2 books. I am trying to up my reading routine, since I just feel like having a routine somewhere. We’ll see if May is going to be a good start of that :). Reviews of the books I read in April will come up somewhere in this month.

Reading wrap-up: March 2017


March came with a turn. I wanted to read Moby Dick, but I came in a reading slump because of it. I didn’t finish it and I’m probably going to pick it up later in the year to finish it. I read 3 books in March, which is okay considering the reading slump.

Reading wrap-up: February 2017


Soo I wanted to post this February wrap-up in the far beginning of March, but instead we are almost two weeks in……

February went alright when it comes to reading. Read some really good books, read some books that I didn’t really like. I think it’s okay to sometimes read a book I don’t like in the end, because it gives me some direction in what I like to read. Managed to read 5 books, which is good.

My first blogpost!

Hello, everyone!

Finally ,after a lot of months, i decided to start writing on my blog. I have been thinking a long time about how i want my blog to be, and what i want to write about. Eventually i decided i just had to start writing, so hereby my first post.

The main thing that kept me from starting was deciding what i want to write about on my blog. I knew that i wanted to write about the things that interest me, how random they even can be, and just talk about things i enjoy. The problem with me is that the pile keeps growing with things to write about, and i don’t know what to do first.