Christmas Book Haul!!!

Sooooo, it’s been a while since i posted something. After i had exams in the beginning of november, i got in a huge slump. It is normal for me and i think a lot of other people to have that after exams or something else that you get done finally, but it lasted a lot longer than i intented. I just didn’t want to do anything and got a little down by that. But i’m trying to get back on track, so here i am catching up with blogging after a month of no posts. It is really hard for me to pick things up, i am a real quitter.

But let’s get on with it! I got some books! And not normal books, Christmas books!! I love Christmas, so i’m already getting really exciting for it. I am at the moment listening to Christmas music, at the moment Last Christmas by Wham! is blasting. I should stop it, it only makes me more crazy for Christmas, ha!

How to keep yourself learning

I am a nerd. There is no way that i can deny this.  I have just always liked to learn new things, but not to always have to go out of the house for it. Luckily there are other ways to get that brain working. Two years ago, i found out about online courses. The website of my university advertised with a course online that students could follow and maybe could get something useful out. I attended the course and since then i found out about all the other fun courses to follow. I have followed a lot of courses since then and would like to tell you something about ways to learn new things that don’t take all of your time.

My first blogpost!

Hello, everyone!

Finally ,after a lot of months, i decided to start writing on my blog. I have been thinking a long time about how i want my blog to be, and what i want to write about. Eventually i decided i just had to start writing, so hereby my first post.

The main thing that kept me from starting was deciding what i want to write about on my blog. I knew that i wanted to write about the things that interest me, how random they even can be, and just talk about things i enjoy. The problem with me is that the pile keeps growing with things to write about, and i don’t know what to do first.