How I’m overcoming my anxiety (and how you can too)

Ever since I was little, I’ve been confronted with anxiety without realizing it. Over time my anxiety got worse, till the moment I felt anxious about every single little thing.

I’ve been surrounded by an environment where mental issues are seen as something you need to get over with and is not talked about a lot. So I never actually knew what was going on in my head and body until some years ago.

I went on my first solo vacation. Here’s what I learned.

This year I did something that I wanted to do for a long time, but never imagined I would do so soon. I booked a vacation and I went alone. I went on a solo vacation for a week, and the trip was a success.

My first blogpost!

Hello, everyone!

Finally ,after a lot of months, i decided to start writing on my blog. I have been thinking a long time about how i want my blog to be, and what i want to write about. Eventually i decided i just had to start writing, so hereby my first post.

The main thing that kept me from starting was deciding what i want to write about on my blog. I knew that i wanted to write about the things that interest me, how random they even can be, and just talk about things i enjoy. The problem with me is that the pile keeps growing with things to write about, and i don’t know what to do first.