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Bookish resolutions 2019


Welcome and nice to see you in 2019! I’ve been away for a while. Sometimes I need to take a step back and overlook everything from there, to be able to step in again and tackle my mind and life one by one. That’s what’s been going on, and the new year always creates this feeling of starting good. This means that I’m trying to step in again and also start posting again.

Half-year Goodreads Reading Challenge

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We are already in June, which mean the first half of 2018 is over. The year is flying by so fast, it’s almost Christmas again. I thought it would be fun to take a look at my goodreads challenge to see how it is going, still having half a year to go.

Bookish 2018: Series I want to read


I already posted about the series I want to finish this year. Along with that I want to slowly start some new series. I’ve come across so many series on Goodreads the last few years, and I am so excited to (finally) start some of them.