Essentials for a Cozy Night In: Blankets

Returning home after a long day calls for a relax session. One essential for those sessions is a soft cozy blanket.

When you are someone who is cold all the time (like me), blankets are essential. I never sit on my couch without a blanket. It’s not just the cold, but also the coziness about it. You can get them in different sizes, colours, and materials, but you can never have enough of them.

Plain Blankets

Blankets can be used in every season. To snug under on a cold winter night, but also when a cold breeze hits outside on a summer evening. There are thin blankets and thick blankets, depending on how warm you want to be.

Take a look at this super cozy sherpa fleece blanket, which is perfect for a night in. For a blanket that will look more classic and luxurious in your interior, there’s this faux fur blanket, which must be so soft.

Christmas Blankets

Although blankets can be used in all seasons, having blankets that are seasonal just give that little extra coziness. Like a fleece throw blanket with a Christmas pattern, or this cute snowman blanket

For a blanket that’s seasonal but not specific for Christmas, there’s the plaid patterned blanket, which fits both Autumn and Winter.

There’s a blanket for everyone.

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