Essentials for a Cozy Night In: Candles

The most hygge aspect of a cozy home are the candles. Their flames bring warmth in the house, as well as a pleasant atmosphere.

Candles, candles, candles. In all those colours and and in every size, there’s always a candle that’ll fit your taste.

Scented candles

Scented candles are my favorite candles. They can turn every room into whatever you want. Like a Christmas tree with this Christmas Tree candle by Village Candle. For a more sweeter scent, there’s this Sparkling Cinnamon candle by Yankee Candle.

Plain candles

Usually I light one scented candle, accompanied by some plain scentless candles. I have tealights, pillar candles and taper candles, though you can off course do anything you want. A beautiful candle holder can add that extra ambiance. For example, these gold candle holders are perfect for Christmas.

christmas candle GIF

Flameless candles

Candles can be dangerous, and sometimes you can have too many candles lit at once. That’s were the invention of flameless candles arrives. Great alternative for real candles. For that little extra, take a look at these red glitter candles and gold glittery candle set. If you don’t want too much glitter, check out these flameless candlesticks.

Candles, whether real or fake, give that finishing touch to every interior.

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