Essentials for a Cozy Night In

It’s December! I love December, mainly because of Christmas, which is my favorite time of the year. With this time of the year comes cold weather, and cozy nights inside the house.

I spend a lot (most) of my nights on my couch. The colder weather makes me enjoy my nights in, and I try to make the most of them. Here are my basic essentials for a perfect cozy night at home.

1. Candles

Candles create a warm atmosphere. When it get’s colder and darker, candles are the way to go. I burn some plain candles, but also a scented candle to have the house smell good. It’s a way to turn transform your room into a winter wonderland with the perfect Christmas scent.

2. Blankets

There is nothing nicer than sinking into your couch or big chair with a blanket. Preferably a fuzzy blanket that’s extra large. My cozy nights are nothing without a blanket. They keep me warm and I might fall asleep with them too often, because they are so comfortable.

3. Comfy clothes

Once it gets dark, I live in comfy clothes. I change in some leggings or my pyjamas and from that moment I can truly relax. The feeling of jeans pressing into my hips or a bra poking into my body is terrible, and something to get rid of quickly.

4. Hot drink

Tea is my favorite hot drink. Though hot chocolate can be a great winter alternative. Don’t forget the whipped cream, of course. Add a big mug to make the experience even better.

5. Entertainment

Settled on the couch with my blanket and comfy clothes, the entertainment starts. I turn on a movie or binge something. Since it’s the season, Christmas movies are on almost every night. They make me happy and bring me in a great Christmas mood.

Don’t forget the books! Pick up a nice book and enjoy your night without your tv. It’s perfect for having a night on your own.

These are the essentials to me when it comes to enjoying a cozy night in. Together they make the best experience.

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