I went on my first solo vacation. Here’s what I learned.

This year I did something that I wanted to do for a long time, but never imagined I would do so soon. I booked a vacation and I went alone. I went on a solo vacation for a week, and the trip was a success.

I’ve always been scared to go on a solo trip, because I didn’t know if I could deal with the stress and anxiety I would possibly experience. I didn’t know if I would be able to find my way in an unknown place, and if I would be able to handle myself on my own. The trip taught me a lot, which I why I wanted to share some of my thoughts on my trip.

The amount of vacations to a foreign country I can still count on my two hands, which made me feel more unexperienced and anxious about it beforehand. Still, I really wanted to go on a vacation by myself, to realise what I can achieve on my own. Here is why you should book a solo vacation as well, and how you can get through it as well!

1. Take it easy

When I booked my vacation and saw the confirmation e-mails coming in, I was excited. The days went by and as I got closer to the actual beginning of my vacation, I starting to feel more and more stressed and anxious. What if I don’t know where to go and get lost? What if I look stupid on my own? What if I’m late for my plane? I always get a little nervous when I’m going on vacation, even with someone else. Though when I’m with someone else I’m a lot less anxious, because we are together and will figure everything out together. I won’t be stranded alone somewhere.

From the moment I left my house with my suitcase, everything went smoothly and it was actually quite relaxing to be on my own and figure everything out myself. The whole travelling part went smoothly and once I was in my hotel room that evening, I was already proud of myself.

Worrying doesn’t make any situation better, and my solo vacation shows that. I just let everything go and if something wouldn’t go as planned, I would figure something out. Everything will be alright.

2. It’s okay to experience things alone

I always want to share everything I experience with my family. Every little thing I see, do, eat, I just need to tell someone about it. When I was on my solo trip, I was alone. I talked to my family and friends on the phone, but there was no one I truly experienced this trip with. It was just me.

When on my vacation, I realized that it was okay that I was experiencing this trip on my own. We don’t have to share everything with someone else. Sometimes it’s great to gain new experiences while being alone. It made me more aware of the things I was doing and seeing around me. I had no distractions and my plan was completely my own. If I wanted to spend some hours more in a museum, I could and no one would be bothered. I could change my plan when I wanted to, and could make every decision on my own. It was freeing in a way to be complete responsible for the pleasure I would experience on this trip.

3. You can do more than you think

I had never been on a vacation on my own. I’ve been on foreign vacations, but even travelling by plane is something I haven’t done a lot in my life. Between the booking of my trip and the start of the vacation, I had multiple moments when I was telling myself I couldn’t do this. I can’t travel on my own by plane. I will never be able to visit all these touristic attractions alone.

The moment I came back from my vacation, I realized how much I underestimate myself. I always think I can’t do something, and that I need someone to give me advice on every little thing I do. Actually I can book a vacation and I can travel there and do all these activities, and it can be a success!

The success of the trip made me think about taking steps in other aspects of my life. I can achieve a lot if I want to. As a result I became less reluctant about making decisions. Sometimes you need to do something just to get more experienced and confident.

When you’re thinking about going on a solo vacation yourself, consider these things. In the end, you’ll be happy that you went. It gives you new experiences that only you will have and you will build on.

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