My Klevercase Kindle Cover

About three months ago, I made the decision to buy myself an e-reader. It took me a lot of consideration to make this step, doubting if I would make a lot of use of this way of reading. I decided to go for it and my Kindle Paperwhite arrived a week later. Since one of the reasons for buying an e-reader was to read when I’m away from home, I felt like I needed a good and protective cover for it.

I’ve seen the cases from Klevercase around on instagram and youtube and decided to check them out. The cases are absolutely beautiful and my decision to buy one was not difficult. The case costs around €28. There are cheaper cases out on the internet, but for a handmade case with these amazing designs it’s a good price and you don’t find those a lot online.

The designs are the main reason I bought this case. There is a big collection of different sorts of designs to choose from. Every design looks like a real book, which makes them so great. You can choose from classic book cover designs, custom book cases and Harry Potter themed cases. I bought the Book of Spells -Gryffindor themed case. It’s a red case that resembles a book of spells. The inside is decorated with scribbles from Hogwarts students and there is a library list of people who borrowed the book. I absolutely love it. Click here for my Klevercase.

Having this case for a couple of months now, I’m ecstatic about the state of the cover. There is no wear and tear happening, just a little mark in the inside were it has rubbed a bit against one of the inside holders one time. Also, the edges might wear a little over time, which I haven’t experienced yet. Overall, I’m surprised. The quality is high and it does what it promises – protecting my e-reader.

You can choose the kind of case that fits your e-reader. The site gives clear instructions on the type of case (size and attachment methode) you need for your e-reader. You can get a case with elastics to hold your e-reader, or a sticky patch that holds your e-reader in place. I went for the elastic, as that was recommended for my Kindle Paperwhite. The elastics work great and have been holding my e-reader in place. There has been no wear and tear in the holders, imagining that the elastics might stretch out after some time. The stitching is also done very well and it all feels sturdy.

I will definitely buy one of their cases again when this one is worn out. It’s a real eye-catcher for your e-reader.

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