Truth or Die (DS Imogen Grey #5) by Katerina Diamond

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“In books I have traveled, not only to other worlds, but into my own.”  – Anna Quindlen

I kindly received a copy of this book from Netgalley and Avon Books UK in exchange for an honest review.

Synopsis: Their darkest secrets won’t stay buried forever…

The butchered body of a professor is found in a private office of Exeter University. It is the first in a spate of horrific murders that shakes the city to its core.

Who would target a seemingly innocent man, and why? DS Imogen Grey and DS Adrian Miles turn to his students for answers, but their investigation turns up no leads. Someone must know more than they’re letting on…

As the body count rises, the police have to look into the past to uncover the person responsible before it’s too late.

But are they brave enough to face up to the truth?

First thing I noticed when I started this book, was that it’s apparently a fifth book in a series. While I was reading the book, I didn’t get the idea that I was missing any information from not reading the first four books. Therefore I would say that it’s not necessary to read the other four books first, as this book felt right as a stand-alone as well. Throughout the book I still got to learn a lot about the main characters and didn’t feel left out.

The book follows DS Imogen Grey and DS Adrian Miles in their path to solve a string of murders. Their personal struggles and relationship gives the story an extra layer, connection to the characters as well as emerging into the plot. Although I’m not sure I appreciate the descriptive love scenes in this book. To me it doesn’t add anything to the growth of the characters and it’s like those scenes don’t fit it with the rest of the book.

The whole murder story itself is thrilling. The description of the murders gave me shivers and the chasing of the killer is suspenseful. A serial killer who has apparently been introduced in a previous book, Parker, is brought back again. I don’t know the story about Parker and Adrian, though the author explains some things which makes it clear that these two have had a confrontation before.

Overall this is a good book to read within the series, as well as a stand-alone. While reading, I noticed some loose ends that will be clarified when reading all the books in the series. Though they didn’t affect the outcome of the story itself.

I gave this book 4/5 stars.

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