Spring Walks


“Spring is the time of plans and projects.” – Leo Tolstoy

It’s like we are skipping spring season here in the Netherlands, since it has been summer weather the past couple of days. Everyone’s been wearing shorts and dresses. Even though I love autumn, with it’s colder weather and cozy feels, spring and summer spark this certain joy in me. I notice myself feeling happier and wanting to go out more and enjoy the weather. This is why I love living in a country with four seasons, because I can enjoy every type of weather and it’s perks.

One thing I enjoy doing a lot is enjoying nature. I’ve noticed that it makes me feel a lot calmer and helps me get rid of that 24/7 online and being busy kind of feeling. Regularly I drive to the woods and enjoy a nice long walk. It’s a perfect date with yourself. I walk around enjoying the sounds of nature, listen to some music, an inspiring podcast, or an audiobook. Then I just walk all the worries and stress away. When you get back home, it’s like a fresh start with a fresh mind.

Now the weather has turned again, to a grey sky with raindrops. I was anticipating the warm summer weather, though some rainy weather has it’s charms after these hot and dry days. I do know that the sunbeams have filled up my energy bar, awakening my effort to achieve goals.





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