The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson


After reading “We Have Always Lived in the Castle”, I couldn’t wait to read more of Shirley Jackson. I love how she writes in such an eery way, that makes you so engrossed into the story.

Since I figured out that the Netflix show was based on a book, I wanted to read it. I’m not into horror shows and The Haunting of Hill House wasn’t something I wanted to watch, though I was drawn by it everytime it turned up somewhere. So eventually I watched it, and even though I was terrified during every episode I ended up loving it.

The book is a little different from the show, which I am happy about. An exact replication of a book into a show or movie often doesn’t work for me, since the thrill is gone from knowing what’s to come. Therefore I intend to make sure that I keep some time between reading and watching.

So, let’s talk about the book. Dr. Montague invited three guests to stay at the Hill house: Eleanor, Theodora and Luke . The whole visit has an experimental orientation. Finding out what’s happening at Hill House. Shirley Jackson describes every part so vivedly, which makes the book live for me. Slowly the house consumes it’s guests and it’s making them forget time.

Every guest arrives by being terrified of the house and wanting to leave. When we get further into the book, the guests seem to be more accepting of the house and it’s secrets. It’s also like they stand together against intruders. For example, when the wife of the doctor arrives, no one actually wants her to be there. It’s like they feel like she’s interrupting the balance of the house.

I gave this book 4/5 stars. In the future I’m definitely going to read more from her.

Let me know in the comments what you think.


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