Bookish resolutions 2019


Welcome and nice to see you in 2019! I’ve been away for a while. Sometimes I need to take a step back and overlook everything from there, to be able to step in again and tackle my mind and life one by one. That’s what’s been going on, and the new year always creates this feeling of starting good. This means that I’m trying to step in again and also start posting again.

A new year means a new start, and with a new start come resolutions. Ways to get where we want to be. Along with reading come also resolutions. I feel like I can make my reading better every year. When I don’t make rules/resolutions for myself, I lose sight on all the books I want to read and it creates chaos in my head and in my reading. Everytime I get off the tracks, I can look back at my resolutions to get me back on the right track. Let’s look at my resolutions for this year.

1. Limited Library

To decide what resolutions to stick to this year, I look back at past years and how I can improve from that. Last year I’ve noticed that huge piles of library books were often stacked in my room. In the end I had to return most of them without reading them, and it had a negative effect on my reading since it made me feel overwhelmed. Most of the books I read are library books, and about every book I make a reservation for. This year I’m going to lend books more consciously. This means a couple of ways to do this:

  • Only a new book reservation when I’m ready to read it. This means that I’m going to lend a new book when I finished or nearly finished the books I’m already reading. In this way I don’t lose interest in the pile of books that I already took from the library and can immediately start on the books I picked up.
  • Be conscious about the books I reserve. Think about what I honestly want to read at the moment, and not because I want to tick it off my list. Reading also gets more fun this way.

2. Write More

Last year I’ve been noticing that there has been a lot of my mind in the past years. I was always focused on writing in the sense of a book, though writing is so much more. I would love to write a book(s) in my lifetime, but haven’t been able to come with a solid outline. All my focus when I thought about writing (thought, not genuinely write), was focused on a book. This year I want to write more, but encourage myself by writing short things. Little story prompts or getting thoughts out of my mind. I’m hoping that this makes me take more action into actually starting the proces of writing stories and make me more familiar with writing.

3. My Bookshelves

Almost everything I read has been library books in the past year. Though my own bookshelves are getting more full with the books I buy. This year I want to make sure to pick up my own books as well.

4. No Pressure

My love for lists is immense. I love following and making lists, and the satisfaction from ticking everything of is fulfilling. My Goodreads is full with books I want to read, and in my ideal world that list of books I want to read is empty. That will never happen, but it do let it occupy my mind. This year I want to make reading more fun for myself by putting less pressure on myself. I set my Goodreads goal to 75, which is the same as last year (which I failed by reading 72 books). Although I set my goal to this amount, I’ve told myself to change the amount if it’s not going to work. My plan is to read more big books, so 75 might be too much to take. By giving myself this freedom, I believe I can take on this reading year in a more relaxed manner.

These are the main resolutions I want to take on this year. Reflection is a big part of the New Year’s Eve. Looking back at how things went. So let’s look back at last years resolutions as well, to see how it went (or didn’t). I had the following resolutions in 2018.

  • Read more classics. I’ve taken a quick look at my reading of last year, and managed to count eight classics among the 72 books I read. This means I don’t consider this resolution as accomplished. The classics that I managed to read were also short books.
  • Attend a book club. I joined one of the bookclubs on Goodreads and read the Book Thief along with the club, though that was about it. Reading along with a bookclub every month is still something I want to do, though I’m not going to pressure myself by putting it on my list of resolutions.
  • Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge. Honestly have to check and see if I can tick some books off. I haven’t been actively reading books from this list, so definitely haven’t achieved one book per month. This is a challenge that will take years, so it’s a list that I will pick up now and then when I feel like it. Unfortunately haven’t started on watching Gilmore Girls yet.
  • Reading books I want to read. No pressure and Limited Library have this thought in mind. I’ve been doing better on this resolution, though there is a lot of room for improvement.
  • Read every day. Looking back at 2018, reading slumps were a key word. Definitely haven’t read every day, and I noticed a hugely changing balance in this. I could be reading nothing in weeks, and suddenly read book after book in days. Balance is something I hope to achieve.

Shortly said, I failed immensely at my resolutions of 2018. Instead of looking at this as a failure and shortcoming of myself, I try to see it as a change to improve. One way I’m improving already is by formulating my resolutions of 2019 differently. I’ve tried to broaden my formulations to create an environment that’s less evasive, instead of putting numbers as goals.

Let’s make 2019 our reading year. I’m wishing for everyone that they will achieve everything they hope for this year. Bookish resolutions as well as others.

9 reacties op ‘Bookish resolutions 2019

  1. I’m trying to get in the habit of reading 25-50 pages every night before I go to bed. That way, even if I get caught up playing video games or watching Netflix all day, I’m still making slow and steady progress in my book of choice in the evenings.

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  2. Don’t forget to read simply because you love it. In the words of author amazing author Eric Walters: “I get confused when reading books becomes an athletic activity. It shouldn’t be about the quantity of books but the quality. Don’t count them, enjoy them! Read what gives you joy, enlightenment, inspiration and information. If it’s not good put it down and find something better.”

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  3. Those are some great reading goals! A few of your resolutions are actually the same as mine. Good luck for both of us, and let’s keep our fingers crossed! 🤞 Cheer to having an amazing reading year ahead! 🤓


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