Reading wrap-up: June 2018

We’re halfway of 2018. I’m mesmerized by the speed of time. Slowly I’m starting to get my life in control, which I am extremely happy about. Now I have to keep up with it. Let’s get on to my reading of June.


I didn’t read a lot, as I realised when looking at my books I read this month on Goodreads. A total of four books is what I read, which I expected to be some more. The weather has been picking up, and I’ve been sitting outside reading quite a lot. Well, let’s see what I read.

  1. Alignment of Thoughts – Mihai Brinas  4/5 stars


The author asked me to review this second collection of poems of him, and I very happily agreed. I would recommend reading this if you like poetry, but find it hard to understand it. Me, being a beginner myself, found this a great collection to start with.

2. Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House – Michael Wolff  2/5 stars


This book wasn’t my cup of tea. I’ve been wanting to read more non-fiction, and when I came across this book I wanted to give it a shot. The politic concepts in this book were a bit out of my league, knowing not so much about politics and definitely not from a country I don’t live in. I expected more talk about Trump himself, but it was a lot about the people around him. Unfortunately this wasn’t my thing.

3. The Help – Kathryn Stockett  5/5 stars

The Help

My mind was blown away after reading this book. What an amazing book this was. This book is definitely on my list of favorite books. It was a beautiful story with a beautiful and meaningful message.

4. Ready Player One – Ernest Cline  5/5 stars


I was very doubtful when starting this book, but I was blown away. The 80s references in this book were incredible, and the story was so good. Very excited to read more of this in the future.

I expected to have read some more this month, as I said earlier. Though I’m happy with the quality of the books I read. I read some amazing books that will stick with me forever. Hope you’ve had a great reading month.

Happy reading!

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