Half-year Goodreads Reading Challenge

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We are already in June, which mean the first half of 2018 is over. The year is flying by so fast, it’s almost Christmas again. I thought it would be fun to take a look at my goodreads challenge to see how it is going, still having half a year to go.

My goodreads challenge for this year is 75 books. It’s a bit far-fatched, considering my reading challenge of last year was 35 books. I ended up reading 66 books, which was far more than I expected. So I imagined I could read more in the next year and push myself. 75 books it became.

My reading has been very slow until now. Even though I read a fair amount of books, I struggle to stay stable in my reading and am behind on my schedule. A crazy amount of 10 books I am currently behind on my schedule. In the summer months I read a lot more, since I tend to sit outside a lot without sitting behind my laptop or having my phone in front of me the whole time. The other months is more difficult. Autumn and winter are those months where I love to read with some candles lit and underneath a blanket. Though I also love to bingewatch tv shows and watch some movies from under my blanket.

Current situation: 22/75 books read. That means that I am 10(!) books behind schedule. Everytime I look at it, I get a little anxious because I need to catch up in a way. I don’t want to push myself in reading, but I can’t lose this challenge. It’s a challenge for a reason! Plus, I really want to read more than last year.

My plan is to get a better reading routine. In that way I will read more and steady. Once I’m reading, I can get a good amount of reading done. Currently I don’t read every day, because the action of starting to do something (reading) takes some effort. Not because I don’t like to read, but because I have that with everything. Reading everyday before bed and every weekend when I wake up, will give my reading a boost. I started last saturday with reading as soon as I woke up and it feels really good to do. For my reading I hope I can keep this up.

How’s your challenge going?

Happy reading!


Photo by John-Mark Smith on Unsplash


Een reactie op “Half-year Goodreads Reading Challenge

  1. I love the idea of reading when you just wake up!! I’m also behind my schedule (8 books) but hopefully in July I’ll be able to read more

    Also I can relate to the “Last year I overachieve my reading challenge so I think I can read even more books this year”!!!

    Wish you luck!


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