Reading wrap-up: February 2018


We are almost through March already! Time is seriously flying by. For some reason the year is starting of not so well. I feel like I’m in a half reading slump. Some days I read a little, some days I don’t read at all. I don’t like it, because there are a lot of books I want to get to. Let’s hope this will get better soon! Here is what I read in February.

I managed to read 3 books this month. Not amazing in my opinion, but better than January.

  1. Library of Souls (Miss peregrines peculiar children #3) – Ransom Riggs


I finally finished this trilogy. I’ve been absolutely loving these books. Although I loved the first two so much, I was a little disappointed by the last book. It was too stretched out and it felt like the author had lost inspiration for the last book. I gave 3 stars to this book.

2. Mockingjay (Hunger games #3) – Suzanne Collins


Another trilogy finished! And another trilogy with an ending that wasn’t that satisfying to me. I couldn’t get into this book and missed the thrill and mystery of the arenas in the first two books. Completely different setting and an ending not that amazing to me. I gave 3 stars to this book.

3. Tales of the peculiar (Miss peregrine’s peculiar children #0.5) – Ransom Riggs & Andrew Davidson


This was a fun book to read next to other books. It contains short tales which are sort of fairytales but for peculiars. I enjoyed this one. It was fun to read and you could get through a story quickly. Also the illustrations were very nice. I gave this book 4 stars.

Happy reading!


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