Book review: The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins

All of the opinions on this book are my own. I am not trying to force a certain thought on people, just expressing how I feel about it. 

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Rachel takes the same commuter train every morning and night. Every day she rattles down the track, flashes past a stretch of cozy suburban homes, and stops at the signal that allows her to daily watch the same couple breakfasting on their deck. She’s even started to feel like she knows them. Jess and Jason, she calls them. Their life—as she sees it—is perfect. Not unlike the life she recently lost.

And then she sees something shocking. It’s only a minute until the train moves on, but it’s enough. Now everything’s changed. Unable to keep it to herself, Rachel goes to the police. But is she really as unreliable as they say? Soon she is deeply entangled not only in the investigation but in the lives of everyone involved. Has she done more harm than good?

The book is shifting between the point-of-view of three different people: Rachel, Megan and Anna. Rachel is the main character around which the story takes place. I thought that the switching between the characters was a good choice, because it gave a really good impression of the different people and their lives, and gave away a little about what happened every time. It kept a good suspense in the book.

What I found confusing sometimes was the fact that the chapters or point-of-views of the different people would change in time. The stories didn’t go chronological till the end, which really made me confused sometimes about what happened when. Somewhere in the book Anna’s pov takes place one year earlier than the pov of Rachel. It takes some adjusting to keep understanding what is going on when.

The character building was really good. You got to know Rachel really well and slowly understood everything that was making her how she is. Megan and Anna weren’t as much explained as Rachel, but it didn’t affect the story in my opinion. Those were characters that had to be a little mysterious for the story to stay interesting. The amount of characters was also kept to a nice amount, so it wouldn’t get too confusing.

I found out that people generally thought that the story was really predictable. I can agree a little with that. I got the feeling that certain times when something new came to the surface, I already had figured it out a couple of chapters or pages before. This is not really a bad thing, since those things weren’t clear to me in the beginning, but it sometimes took away the moments were you are blown away by new, surprising details. Overall I loved the entire story and how everything fell in place in the end. I definitely think there were enough twists in the book to keep you interested.

I gave this book 5/5 stars. I loved the whole storyline and how everything fell in its place in the end. Amazing thriller that I finished in two sittings.



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