My Christmas Movie List

One thing that makes Christmas for me, is watching Christmas movies. The entire month of December I watch a lot of Christmas movies. They bring me right in that amazing Christmas spirit. I thought about sharing my favorite Christmas movies that I found or I am already watching year after year.

1. The Grinch

Everytime I see this movie, it makes me laugh. The way the Grinch walks and the things he says are just hilarious to me. Maybe because the things he says are sometimes a little relatable in a way. I am having so many dinners with myself that I can’t cancel, haha!

2. Home Alone

This movie is an all time classic. Every year, this is the movie that shows up on Christmas day on television. I love it! I think I can recite the entire movie by now and I have seen it sooo many times, but it just doesn’t tire me at all.

3. Polar Express

Since this movie came it out, it went straight on my favorite Christmas movie list. I am a big fan of animation movies, and this one did it all for me. The animation is beautiful, the songs are beautiful, it is overall magical.

4. Elf

This movie is just hilarious. I think Will Ferrell is perfect for this role. I am a big fan of the movies he plays in, and this one isn’t different. It is a really funny Christmas movie and also brings you in the spirit.

5. A Christmas Carol

This is the classic Christmas story with the three ghosts and old Ebenezer Scrooge. There are a lot of different movies made of this story: a classic one, an animated one, a muppets one, and Scrooge, set in more modern times. I personally love the classic story and the animated one the most, but the other ones are nice to watch if you feel like seeing something different for once. So basically I gave you a bunch of movies to watch in one! This Christmas story is one with a great message and  gives me all the Christmas feels.

6. A Miracle On 34th Street

I’ve been trying to watch a lot of Christmas movies this year that I haven’t seen yet. I mostly stick to the ones that I have allready seen and watch those every year again. But I’m trying, as a real Christmas freak, to tick off all the Christmas movies that I should watch. This is one of them. It is a very old movie which is in black and white (that honestly scared me of a little, since I had the idea that it would be boring me really fast), but I really liked it. The man that plays Santa Claus is so sweet and the acting of everyone is so nice, that I got a really happy feeling when I watched the movie. I can really recommend it.

Well, those are a couple of movies that I recommend to you. I personally like to spend Christmas chilling and watching movies or Christmas tv. I wish you all a Merry Christmas!!



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