Staying on track

I am a person that gets easily off track in life. There are times where I have so many things to do, or not even a lot of things, and I just don’t do it. I then sit behind my laptop the whole day watching series or do other things that can help me procastinate whatever I have to do. Since a year ago, I have been trying to search around for ways to stay on track with everything and procastinate less. I have a ton of pins on pinterest, and I found some youtube channels that post great videos about ways to study and give great motivation to do it. Because I have been completely out of everything from November, I am trying to get back on track with everything, which is a very difficult thing for me. I thought that I would share some things with you that I find very helpful to stay on track.This is different for everyone, but I hope that you get some inspiration or motivation from it.

1. Keep an agenda/planner/bulletjournal

This is the main point for me to get on track. I always need to write down what I have to do and what I am going to do. I have a bullet journal that I use as my planner, and it works really great for me. I write down everyday what I am going to do, or sometimes I plan some days ahead when I am certain of what I have to do, and then I tick everything off when I’ve done it. Ticking things of your list is the best feeling ever! Every morning I first open my planner and check what is on my to-do list that day. Then I have my mind prepared for what is coming. Then I have a agenda with daily pages, and assign times for the tasks, and in this way I fill my day in. The agenda part is something I don’t do everyday. I find it hard to put times on tasks, because I find it difficult to estimate the time I need for a task, but I’m trying. It does really help to get me to do things.

2. Have consistent sleep times

I have to say that this is the hardest one for me. I love the night time and it’s very hard to just stop being on your laptop or anything else and force yourself to go to bed. But when I do it I feel that I get a lot more done in the end and that I stick to a routine way better. I love the night time, but I also love to wake up on a time when most of the people are still asleep. I gives a really calm feeling. When I stick to the sleep times, I try to go to sleep at 23:00 and wake up at 7:00. I feel like I have way more of a day ahead of me, than when I’m getting up at 8 or 9. Besides I am most productive in the morning, so I want to make as much use of it as I can.

3. Take care of yourself

Allow yourself some time to spend on you. This  can count on many levels. I take the time for myself to get ready in the morning and in the evening to wind down and get ready for bed. With this I mean that I take the time to clean my face and brush my teeth. It is easy to rush through those things when you feel that you have to do so much. Don’t forget to also spend time on putting on a mask a couple of times a week or paint your nails while catching up on your favorite tv-show. It really does give me a good feeling to do those kind of things. It makes you feel more confident and actually gives you more energy to go and do stuff. Me-time can also mean sitting down on the couch with a blanket, tea and a good book. It really winds you down and it is a great way to end your day nice and quiet. Put some nice instrumental music on or some chill music and enjoy your book.

4. Have a routine

What really helps in getting things done, is having a routine. I notice that when I do tasks in a similar sequence, that it helps better to get it done and to stay focused on it that amount of time. When I am out of bed and had breakfast, I go to my room and get my study books out. The entire morning I spend then on studying and school. When you do this for some weeks, maybe even months depending on the person, it starts to become a routine for you and it actually becomes easier to spend time on that certain task, since your mind is accustomed to it. Don’t forget that not your entire day has to become a routine. Give yourself the night off and do whatever you want. But assign that certain time to spend on a task. Especially when working from home it is very useful, since distractions are easier to happen and nobody keeps track of what you are doing.


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