My Christmas Movie List

One thing that makes Christmas for me, is watching Christmas movies. The entire month of December I watch a lot of Christmas movies. They bring me right in that amazing Christmas spirit. I thought about sharing my favorite Christmas movies that I found or I am already watching year after year.


Staying on track

I am a person that gets easily off track in life. There are times where I have so many things to do, or not even a lot of things, and I just don’t do it. I then sit behind my laptop the whole day watching series or do other things that can help me procastinate whatever I have to do. Since a year ago, I have been trying to search around for ways to stay on track with everything and procastinate less. I have a ton of pins on pinterest, and I found some youtube channels that post great videos about ways to study and give great motivation to do it. Because I have been completely out of everything from November, I am trying to get back on track with everything, which is a very difficult thing for me. I thought that I would share some things with you that I find very helpful to stay on track.This is different for everyone, but I hope that you get some inspiration or motivation from it.