How to keep yourself learning

I am a nerd. There is no way that i can deny this.  I have just always liked to learn new things, but not to always have to go out of the house for it. Luckily there are other ways to get that brain working. Two years ago, i found out about online courses. The website of my university advertised with a course online that students could follow and maybe could get something useful out. I attended the course and since then i found out about all the other fun courses to follow. I have followed a lot of courses since then and would like to tell you something about ways to learn new things that don’t take all of your time.


This website ( has an amazing range of online courses to choose from. And you can attend them for free! Optional is to purchase the course and get a certificate. This is especially useful if you follow a course that will add something to your career. The courses are in general pretty long. They can be 24 weeks if you want to, but there are shorter ones as well of 8 weeks for example. The courses consists of videos and can be supplemented by text, references to articles and can contain supplemental reading (if you want to get a little deeper in the content).

Categories to choose from are:

  • Arts & humanities
  • Business
  • Computer science
  • Data science
  • Life sciences
  • Math & logic
  • Personal development
  • Physical science & engineering
  • Social sciences
  • Language learning

This site is one i mostly use if i want to take a course in something that will add to my study or i will put serious effort in. The courses on this website go a little deeper than the ones on the next site and take more effort to get fully into in.

Futurelearn is, just as coursera, free to attend. There is an option to get a certificate (that you have to pay for), if you think that the course will add something to your career or just for fun. What i like about futurelearn is that the courses are, in my opinion, a lot more suitable for people that want to follow an online course for fun. The courses are taking less effort than the courses from coursera and the topics are mostly presented in a easier, more fun way. The lenght of these courses are shorter than coursera. The courses are mostly 3 or 4 weeks long. The courses consist mostly of watching videos and reading text, and can sometimes also contain supplemental reading.

Categories to choose from are:

  • Business & management
  • Creative arts & media
  • Nature & environment
  • Politics & the modern world
  • Literature
  • Health & psychology
  • Science, maths & technology
  • Law
  • History
  • Online & digital
  • Teaching & studying
  • Languages & cultures
  • Sport & leisure

I love to use this site when i want to follow a course that i want to do for fun. The whole layout of the site and the way everything is set up feels a little less serious and more fun than the coursera courses. It will take less time to keep up with the courses, so you can even follow a course by just spending half an hour of 15 minutes a day on the course! The courses also give an estimated time that you weekly would need to spend on to keep up, which is very useful if you like to plan the courses in your schedule.


TED is a perfect way to learn something by just watching a video. They have a youtube channel so you can easily subscribe so you don’t miss anything, or you can visit their website on Different speakers tell something about their field of expertise or their experience on Ted conventions all over the world. The talks are about all kinds of topics.

A nice thing on the website is that you can let the site decide for you what to watch. You have the option to choose what sort of talk you want to see, and then you decide how many time you have to watch videos. This can be from 5 to 60 minutes. After you have chosen these options, you get a list of TED talks that you can watch in that amount of time. Really useful is you are like me. I can’t pick out a movie to watch within 1 hour :), and now they decide it for you!

I watch TED talks if i feel like it in the evening, when i am chillin on the couch with my laptop. Sometimes i am only in the mood for a short video, and sometimes i am on a binge. I watch most of them when i see them on my youtube feed.


So, these are some suggestions on ‘How to keep yourself learning’ that i use myself. I hope that you found this useful and it will encourage you to explore these ways to take learning into your own hands!






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