Bookish resolutions 2019


Welcome and nice to see you in 2019! I’ve been away for a while. Sometimes I need to take a step back and overlook everything from there, to be able to step in again and tackle my mind and life one by one. That’s what’s been going on, and the new year always creates this feeling of starting good. This means that I’m trying to step in again and also start posting again.

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Reading Wrap-up: August 2018

September arrived already. For me, it always feels like some sort of a new start. A lot of people getting back from vacation and starting work again, Student starting a new year of studying, children going back to school. Also Autumn is arriving, which has to be my favourite season. So let’s see what I’ve been reading last month.

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Reading Wrap-up: July 2018

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Summer has been all out in July. 30+ degrees celsius for weeks, which isn’t normal weather where I live, made me very tired and lazy. Also perfect weather for reading all day and doing nothing else. I did manage to get some reading done, despite the fact that I did have to work all the time. Let’s see how this month went.

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